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Sound of Sterloid Vol. 2 is a continuation of the highly successful online masterclass that Aaron Sterling put out in 2016 which was nominated that same year for Best Educational Series by Modern Drummer. Here in Vol. 2 Aaron expands on his concepts of Tone, Technique, and Tracking. Whereas in Vol. 1, the Tone portion focused mostly on snare drums, Vol. 2 dives deep into kicks and toms with sounds ranging from super dead and muted to huge and wide open. In the Technique department, Aaron discusses a musical way of thinking he calls “Motion and Impact” and uses multiple improv jams with guitar genius Tim Young to illustrate these ideas. There are also two different segments dedicated to the use of guitar pedals with drums and how Aaron integrates them in all sorts of ways, from the subtle and musical to the bold and destructive. Also throughout, Aaron takes moments to explain what recording gear he uses and how he uses it (mics, compressors, etc.)