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Hailing from Portugal, Marito Marques is an accomplished musician and respect composer who takes the sounds of the world into his soul to create melodies that bring the audience together in an unparalleled unity. Taking his influences from African roots music, jazz, and pop, Marito makes compelling music that is as beautiful to listen to as it is nourishing for the soul. [...]

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marito marques drum and bass sessions

Drum and Bass Sessions

Here is the first video of something that I’ve been dreaming of doing for a while… Drum and bass sessions at my studio! What are these drum and bass sessions? Well, every week I will record a video with a different bass player from Toronto! No rehearsals, no charts, no audio editing… For this one […]

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Marito Marques Live at Revolution

“Live At Revolution” is now available!

With a sound that calls from across the world, Marito Marques has released new music that fuses his inspirations and technical prowess into a remarkable piece of music that is spontaneous, frenetic, and full of lively energy and strong melodies. “Live At Revolution” was recorded live on tape at the revolution Studios alongside his Canadian […]

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Magic Everywhere

Magic Everywhere



Abri Bo Janela

Abri Bo Janela

Magic Everywhere

“Magic Everywhere” was recorded in 5 different countries with internationally renowned musicians from 13 different nationalities, thus producing a beautiful mixture of rhythms, colours and flavours. You can buy the album from the following links: